Davide drives a Huayra to Paris from Italy, as opposed to taking the 45 minute flight, tovisit a customer who has a minor complaint about his own Pagani. When the customer is surprised that the factory technician's service van is a $2 million Huayra, he goes "it's my job to drive the car, so why fly." That's epic. » 10/11/14 3:14pm 10/11/14 3:14pm

When I was a young boy in Europe I was once passed on my bicycle by a blonde lady in a red Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. The year was 2004 and I heard that exhaust howl for what seemed like minutes as she shifted up through some twisty countryside roads. » 10/11/14 2:23pm 10/11/14 2:23pm

Best manuals on sale right now would be the BMW M4, the Audi R8, and the Porsche Cayman. The 2015 991 GT3 RS will be PDK-only (similar to GT3) so pick up your 997 RS now if you want to have some analog fun in the world's best driver's car and make some serious resale coin in the process. » 10/07/14 12:06pm 10/07/14 12:06pm

Finally Delivered: My Friend's Ferrari 458 Speciale

Previously a Porsche guy, having owned every GT2 and GT3 car since the 993, he recently got into Fezzas by means of a red F430 6-speed that he waited a very long time for to come available. He's since sold his 997.2 GT3 RS, bought a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale for his wife and ordered the Speciale for himself,… » 9/26/14 6:22pm 9/26/14 6:22pm

Jon has finally tamed down a bit and swapped his Statis tuned V10 R8 for an Audi RS6. He used to do the winter ski parcour from resort to resort through the Alps in a GT-R, PPI kitted Q7, Gallardo, LP640, and at one point even an LP670-4. The guy is mental. Good thing he's leaving his Rebellion R2k at home in Marbella. » 9/17/14 5:19pm 9/17/14 5:19pm

Believe it or not, but people actually get attached to their dealership plate frames. I remember a story when a lady went absolutely bezerk when the BMW dealership that had been servicing her car for years finally decided to swap in their license plate frame in place of the BMW dealership's frame where she originally… » 9/17/14 12:52pm 9/17/14 12:52pm