That was a fun read. I'm sure that I posted the exact same OPPO article a few years back. Dreaming of a 911 in my early 20's. I progressed from an old beater Jeep Grand Cherokee to a '07 GTI to a 135iM to three different E30s. Well, I'm in my mid-twenties now and last year I bought my dream. » 11/18/14 1:07am 11/18/14 1:07am

I just got a reality check on what it takes to keep these air cooled 911s afloat. I was sitting at my Porsche shop as a guy walks in to pay the bill on a major service on his 993 4S. $19,000. For what sounded like little things here and there. We were all stunned. But since the guy behind the till had delivered this… » 11/17/14 8:56pm 11/17/14 8:56pm

I paid quite a bit more than $15k for mine but it was worth it. Original sticker was $146,xxx. Canadian car. I bought it off the second owner for less than a third. Have owned it for nearly a year already and put a smidge under 20,000 kms on it this summer. » 10/31/14 1:48pm 10/31/14 1:48pm

Davide drives a Huayra to Paris from Italy, as opposed to taking the 45 minute flight, tovisit a customer who has a minor complaint about his own Pagani. When the customer is surprised that the factory technician's service van is a $2 million Huayra, he goes "it's my job to drive the car, so why fly." That's epic. » 10/11/14 3:14pm 10/11/14 3:14pm

When I was a young boy in Europe I was once passed on my bicycle by a blonde lady in a red Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. The year was 2004 and I heard that exhaust howl for what seemed like minutes as she shifted up through some twisty countryside roads. » 10/11/14 2:23pm 10/11/14 2:23pm

Best manuals on sale right now would be the BMW M4, the Audi R8, and the Porsche Cayman. The 2015 991 GT3 RS will be PDK-only (similar to GT3) so pick up your 997 RS now if you want to have some analog fun in the world's best driver's car and make some serious resale coin in the process. » 10/07/14 12:06pm 10/07/14 12:06pm